About Us

A New Vision of Luxury

La Riveria Resort and Park is a premium riverside resort situated at the very bank of the waterway Shitalakshya, surrounded by an enchanting characteristic scene. It’s a sort of a retreat where you can organize birthday, wedding, commemoration, get-together, or a corporate program. The Location of La Riveria is easily accessible. Simply start your excursion at the bank of Shitalakshya River. Only 10 minute’s good ways from Kanchon Bridge, Paurbachol.

La Riviera is the best place for you to relax and spend a day with a dear one, away from the hustle and bustle. It is hereby promoting our country to uphold the natural & cultural heritage which will provide authentic & distinctive travel experiences to the distinguished travelers. The Resort is easily accessible by road which will take pretty much 1 hour to get from Dhaka to the main spot. Being concerned about entertainment La Riveria is ready with Eco-friendly Wooden Cottages, Playground, Swimming Pool, Boating facility, Restaurant, an Open Dining area looking upon the river beside the swimming pool, Bar-B-Q options and many more to entertain the honorable guests.

Key Features

Pleasant Resort to visit for couples, friends & families.

River view that will soothe the soul

A true combination of ultimate Luxury.

Shortest distance from Dhaka.

Reception Services

La Riveria Resort and Park believes in exclusivity. Customers receive are solely done upon booking and reservations.

Riverside Swimming Pools

There is a riverside big swimming pool that is regularly maintained and carefully monitored by the pool attendants to serve swimmers anytime needed! Beachside wooden beds and seating facilities are also provided around the swimming.

Our History

The premium riverside resort, La Riveria Resort, and Park started it's a journey back in 2019. Being situated at the very bank of the waterway Shitalakshya, it is surrounded by an enchanting characteristic scene that satisfies ones' urge to be one with nature.

Restaurants & Bars

After a hectic week of work, who does not want to enjoy a meal staring at the flowing water of the river? So, we designed our kitchen to serve premium continental food dishes & fast foods to make you ready for another work week!

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